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Raw Kyanite Blue - Various sizes (100 grams)

Raw Kyanite Blue - Various sizes (100 grams)

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Discover peace and spiritual connection with our raw Blue Cyanite in various sizes. Each purchase includes a selection of Blue Kyanite in its natural form, unmodified, available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Prices are charged per 100 grams.

Cyanite Blue is known for its beautiful azure blue hue and its calming and harmonizing properties. This stone is also associated with mental clarity, effective communication and connection with the higher realms.

Product characteristics:

  • Different Sizes: Available in different sizes, each with its own unique beauty.
  • Prices by weight: Prices are charged per 100 grams of raw Blue Kyanite.
  • Natural Form: These Blue Cyanite pieces retain their natural form and texture, giving them a rustic and authentic charm.

Use Blue Cyanite raw in your meditation practices, place it in your home or sacred space, or take it with you to feel its protective and harmonizing energy throughout the day. Each piece is unique and will connect you with the peace and spiritual connection of Blue Cyanite.

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